Monday, November 26, 2012

Feast Week

I had a lot to be thankful for this past week.  My parents came to town to visit, and I had a blast getting to spend time with them.  The weather here in South Texas was beautiful and made for some enjoyable runs with friends.  I had the best week of training I’ve had since I left Colorado in August.  I logged two 20+ milers at Hill Country State Natural Area in Bandera and three more long runs at Government Canyon here in SA (more than I had logged at GC in all of 2012 up to this week).  I capped off a great week with what was quite possibly my best trail run ever.  I got to Government Canyon later than planned yesterday, hoping only to log a couple hours on the trails and enjoy the cloudless morning.  After 10 minutes, my legs loosened up, and I decided to see what I could do.  In what felt like an instant, I was done with the best 12 mile trail run of my life.  Not only was it the fastest GC run I’ve done, but it literally felt effortless.  My legs weren’t the least bit fatigued or sore, and I left feeling like I could have run forever.  Now I just hope I can string together a few more runs like this as I fine tune my training for the Bandera 100K in January.  

(Bandera Sunrise) 

(Atop the 3 Sisters) 

(Chris and Rich headed up the final Sister) 

(Headed back out for more fun with Chris, Liza, and Vidal)